Client Testimonials

"I want to THANK YOU again for your great assistance to me this year in arranging for healthcare for our family AND saving us money. I really appreciate your expertise." - Wendy D.

"Linda Williamson is amazing! Never have I received that level of customer service in all my 15 years here with selecting employee benefits at Dekalb County – she’s incredibly knowledgeable!" - Eric M.

"Linda is amazing! She was so helpful, clear, and personable. She really knew what she was doing and walked me through the whole enrollment process with patience and expertise. Highly highly recommend!! " - Kristen L.

"Linda has been such an amazing person to work with in securing a health care policy for a family member. She helped navigate a very confusing system and was always available via phone. I can’t thank her enough for the help and $$ she saved us in this process. She is a rare find in todays business world!! Thank you Linda!!!" - Donna J.

"The hardest working insurance agent I know. Honest and dependable. Responds quickly when needed. The best ever!" - Janice P.

"Did a fantastic job getting me the right insurance policy. Easy to work with and listens to what you need." - Philip M.

"Linda is very easy to talk to. She provide all of your insurance options and answers all your questions. Linda Knows Insurance." - Jacqueline M.

"She helped me when I most needed!" - Thatiana Y.

"Her tag line, "Linda Knows Insurance" is exactly right. I have trusted Linda with my company's policies for over 5 years. She has gone above and beyond for helping to explain to the staff about insurance, why they need it and the best options for them to save $$$. I highly recommend her." - Suzanne L.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Linda Williamson for years. She has helped our company regarding our AFLAC/health insurance policies and has always been a wealth of information regarding health insurance. I've always trusted Linda to point me in the right direction regarding which policies are most advantageous for me and my coworkers. Linda made me realize that this statement is SO very true! "Needing insurance is like needing a parachute, if it isn't there the first time; chances are you won't need it again." Anonymous. I urge anyone looking to add a supplemental policy to their insurance; to reach out to Linda and her'll be glad you did!!" - Chip C.

"Linda is one of the most sincere, helpful, and kind individuals that I know. She was with me every step of the way when I was purchasing my insurance coverage, with helpful knowledge and insight of each plan. I will always choose Linda, because Linda knows insurance!" –Ruben

"Linda is extremely knowledgeable about healthcare options and was a vital part in my decision making process when I had to purchase ACA compliant healthcare for the first time for 2019. Linda was key - from support and advice on which product(s) were appropriate, how and where to purchase a plan and to navigating Linda is a tremendous resource. Highly recommend!" –Laura

"Linda is very thorough in explaining all aspects of Aflac's services. She is very quick to respond when you have questions ! And very helpful when filing a claim. She's simply the BEST ! " –Vivian

"Linda has always had a magnetic personality and a great rapport with clients, customers, listeners and co-workers. A truly upbeat and positive individual in the workforce!" –Ryan

"I've had the pleasure of working with Linda Williamson for years now, regarding our companies AFLAC/health insurance policies. Linda continues to be a wealth of information regarding health insurance and I've always trusted her to point me in the right direction regarding which policies are most advantageous for me and my coworkers. Linda made me realize that this statement is SO very true! "Needing insurance is like needing a parachute, if it isn't there the first time; chances are you won't need it again." Anonymous . I urge anyone looking to add a supplemental policy to their insurance, to reach out to Linda and her'll be glad you did! " –Sincerely, Hanna

"Big shout out to the amazing Linda Williamson! This lady sure knows her insurance! Thank you for helping this slacker at the last minute before the deadline! You are the best! 2nd year in a row! If I could give you 10 stars I would!" –Molly Meredith

"Linda Williamson is top notch...on every level. If you're looking for a dedicated, compassionate, and hard "working for you" individual...she's the one. I've known her for over 20 years, and can honestly say she's a fine human being who genuinely cares." – Kelly

"Linda always has a new story of a person, or a family, she has been able to save with a policy provided by one of the companies she works with. Whether it is a critical illness, cancer, disability (long or short term), or another policy, she always seems to be pulling people back from financial ruin resulting from an unfortunate life event. In addition, she always has a new story of a company that she was able to offer benefits to help the employer save money on payroll taxes or to give benefits to make employees feel more valued. Soup to nuts, she is the whole package and genuine article." –Dr Ben McDowell

"I got 4 insurance plans through Linda. After my old dental insurance told me that only my front teeth were covered for cavities and I had to wait 3 more months till my full benefits kicked in I now make sure I ask all the what if questions. Before then, I didn’t know you could have the most expensive BCBS dental plan and they can legally not cover 1/2 of your mouth till after 1 year. Now that I have great coverage it makes me laugh. Plus now I also have Linda on my side. She was able to tell me the in(s) and outs of all the different kinds of insurance. We made sure I have insurance that would cover my needs and I won’t have to wait 1 yr for the full coverage to kick in. Linda also has a lot of patience and takes her time to explain everything. I asked all the what if questions and she answered them all and got the answers to the ones she didn’t know. She goes above! I recommend her to anyone! " - Ayesha Owner of Hands of Life Massage Therapy

"Linda is an absolute pleasure to work with and an amazing resource in helping my employees and myself navigate the world of health benefits. Now, more than ever, we need a true professional to guide us through the complex world of insurance. I enthusiastically recommend Linda to any business owner or individual that is searching for a true professional. " - Zach Stafford

"I worked with Linda many years ago, but I have never forgotten her.... I was immediately impressed that she would drive 2 hours to work every day, never late. Her appearance was immaculate. Linda has a lovely quality to her voice that instantly soothes people. Her business skills were very " forward thinking".  - Diane Kelly - President of Childrens Dentistry at Gainsville

"Linda has been great! She was patient with our company during a very long sale cycle. Once she won the business she's been nothing short of brilliant. There were a few hiccups early on with the provider we selected. Linda worked tirelessly to figure out the issue and bring it to resolution. She's detail oriented, knowledgeable and personable. All around, great agent!"  - Matthew Lopes Partner The DVI Group

"Linda is phenomenal. She answers emails and even texts right away and never makes you feel like a burden. Very helpful and kind. Thanks a bunch for making EASY what could have been a confusing process." - Lora - Oculus Plastic Surgery

"Linda is fabulous, will help you with all your insurance needs! Very knowledgeable with AFLAC as well as other Dental and Medical Insurance! Very on top of it when you need any help! Thank You for all your help at various hours of the night with finding the perfect insurance for our family." - Angie - Bluegrass Dental

"Hello Linda. On behalf of the entire DVI team, I want to thank you very much for sticking with us and helping us through the important decision about offering not only medical insurance but also the range of AFLAC offerings. You definitely went above and beyond. We recognize that and appreciate that and needed to tell you." - DVI TEAM

"Linda is one of those people who you immediately trust the moment you meet her. She is straightforward, factual, and well informed on all aspects of work. While I have known Linda for many years and observed her work habits in the dental office environment where the pressures to provide excellent patient care combined with accuracy and dedication can become a real pressure cooker situation, Linda has always handled her job well with complete confidence." - Anonymous

"Linda now applies that kind of determined, well thought, care to her newest endeavor with AFLAC. Her presentation skills are personable, yet keenly honest, her desire to serve the customer is clear, and she develops an immediate rapport as she identifies the customer's needs and provides solutions tailored for your specific needs." - Anonymous

"I have always been impressed with Linda, even more so now with the way she has brought her own personable style to AFLAC." - Jon

"On June 6, 2017, I was in a car accident. Fast forward to December 2017 when I finally had my knee surgery. While I was in surgery, I suffered a mini stroke. If it wasn't for my Aflac insurance policy, I have no clue how I would have paid my expenses during my days off to recover. Goes to show you really never know when or what your life will be changed by. Thank you. Aflac (true life saver)."Jacquie M.